I work in various mediums: ink, oils, acrylic, watercolour, clay, wood, found objects, multimedia, photomanipulation and photography. In my artwork I hope to uncover my thoughts, emotions and truths about the world as I see it, a world that could not be expressed in mere words. it’s more than the mere rendering of a visual image, each time I see the scene I attempt to produce a presence, enriched with my personality, spirit and enthusiasm for the subject.  

In my plein air paintings and drawings I try to capture the wild and hardy beauty of my native Yorkshire landscape and its wildlife, so when out and about I work quickly so as not to miss the sight, smells and sounds of the inspirational landscape. 

I hope people can see my dreams made real and enjoy the journey into my own fantasy and imaginative musings, be it in wood, paint or pen.  

I have a BA in English literature and theatre studies (1:1) which enables me to teach part time, and mentor/illustrate at the children’s literary charity Grimm & Co. I’m also a published author: short stories, novelettes, poetry and have had 12 plays performed on stage.