Welcome to TALKEX19

TALKEX exhibitions are collections of artworks by artists who have given talks at ROAR.

ROAR has been supporting emerging and professional artists living or working in Rotherham since 2005, and is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by the Arts Council.

We are a membership organisation and operate a premises on Westgate in Rotherham town centre which provides 8 individual artist studios and forms the central hub of the organisation.

ROAR is run by a group of passionate people who believe that art is transformative and integral to the human experience.

We believe that we can help the regeneration of Rotherham by supporting the local creative sector in its professional development and rising ambitions, whilst embedding the arts in the social & economic environment.

TALKEX19 includes work by the following artists who have given talks at ROAR over the last two years.

Ken Horne

Sharon Gill

Matt Butt

James Brunt

Sean Williams

Chris Slater

Maud Haya Baviera

Simon le Ruez

Rosalind Brooks

Anthony Carrol

James Fox



Ken Horne

I cobble stuff together (artistically)


Sharon Gill

‘Scraptasle’ 2019

3m Left over fabrics from other textile projects, secondhand clothing, and curtaining.

Waste fabric is one of the worlds biggest environmental pollutants, from the energy and resources to create the fabric, dye it, shape it, ship it, to its disposal.

Scraptassle brings your attention to the scale of the problem and asks…               “What will you do with your scraps?”





James Brunt

I studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London.  After working for galleries and a long stint in Arts Development I now live and work with my family in Yorkshire.  I also run the arts organisation Responsible Fishing UK along with the very lovely and super talented Timm Cleasby.

w: jamesbruntartist.co.uk

e: jamesbruntartist@gmail.com


Sean Williams

Sean was born in 1966 and is based in Sheffield. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Contemporary British Painting’ at Huddersfield Art Gallery, ‘@PaintBritain’ at Ipswich Art School, and ‘Picturing Sheffield’ at the Millennium Galleries. His most recent solo exhibition was ‘This Could Be The Right Place’ at Watford Museum. He has also been shortlisted for the 2014 John Ruskin Prize, the 2013 Neo:Art Prize and the 2010 Marmite Prize for Painting.

His paintings present views of the fringes of suburbia, places that feel as though they are familiar, but then escape our conditioned response. He aims to place the viewer as ‘still points of a turning world’ – alone, for a while, then possibly watched as they look on. The scene switches between mundane and suggesting something may be about to happen attempting, in part, to recreate the almost inexplicable psychological weight of della Francesca’s ‘Ideal City’, with a modern twist.

Sean’s painting technique has been described as ‘contemporary pointillism’ and is a deliberate attempt to acknowledge and evoke the spirit and social conscience of Camille Pissaro.

e. swseanwilliams@gmail.com
w. swseanwilliams.wordpress.com


Chris Slater

I am a Plein Air Artist working in Rotherham. I try to get outside to paint as often as possible to capture the light and scenes of Rotherham.
I start the day early to catch the morning light, as lighting and colour are at the centre of my art. Unlike a photograph, a scene is captured over a few hours, giving the work a unique feel and atmosphere.
People walking by and saying hello is all part of the interaction with the environment that I am trying to capture.
I have exhibited in London at the Mall Gallery in exhibitions by the RSMA – Royal Society of Marine Artists and Royal Oil Institute, Hull Open Art, Barnsley Open Art and Sheffield Great Art Show amongst others.
I studied BA Fine Art at Sheffield University in my early 20s, but it wasn’t until I visited an exhibition in Doncaster on Modern Impressionists that I moved my work from illustration to Plein Air Art. That was 17 years ago and I have been painting outdoors ever since, building up a collection of work that runs to thousands of canvases.
I have painted in the open air around the world in beautiful landscapes in America, Italy, France, Spain, Northumberland, Cornwall, and the East Coast of England.

i: @chrisslaterartist

Maud Haya-Baviera

Maud Haya-Baviera was born in France in 1980 and currently lives and works in Sheffield, UK. In 2004 she graduated from a five-year’s Master Degree in Fine Art, Diplôme National Supérieur D’Expression Plastique, at L’Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon France.

She has exhibited her work in a solo capacity and in group shows nationally and internationally.

w: maudhb.com


Simon Le Ruez

Simon Le Ruez was born in Jersey CI and lives in Sheffield, UK and Berlin, Germany. His practice blurs the divisions between a number of mediums however he remains most clearly defined as a sculptor and installation artist. He has exhibited widely internationally with recent solo and group exhibitions in The Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, France, Iceland, Germany, England, and the USA.

Maud Haya Baviera and Simon Le Ruez have collaborated together since 2009. Their work to date has included video works, drawing and lithography.  Their video works have been shown as part of exhibitions, festivals and screenings in London, Paris and Bulgaria.

w: simonleruez.net

Skin Deep 


HD Video animation

Duration: 3 min 47 sec

Taking the flamboyant character of King Ludwig II of Bavaria as its starting point, the video work Skin Deep takes the viewer on a spirited journey around the notion of artifice. Set to a carefully composed and climactic original soundtrack, portraiture, fantasy castles and surprising constructs are brought together and appropriated in order to harness both a dream like celebration of exuberant taste and a confrontation of internal desires.


Rosalind Brooks

Just an artist having a bit of fun.

w: www.facebook.com/RosalindBrooksArt/


Anthony Carrol

The Crisis what Crisis by Yorkshire artist Anthony Carroll series forms a satirical view of the economic crisis from 2008 and updated to the present time in which the recipient organisations, institutions and authorities responsible and found wanting are parodied as wooden tops, a term which may be regarded as either one of endearment taken without offence between friends or as a derogatory term to describe the organisations, institutions or authorities as inept, incompetent, or indifferent.

The narrative accompanying each piece is intended to provide a catalyst in which to provoke an opinion from the viewer.

e: info@coteriegallery.co.uk


James Fox

James Fox is a musician, composer and music educator working in Rotherham. James composes music using traditional methods of notation and instrumentation, as well as live field recordings and video. James believes that composition provides him with an opportunity to challenge his existing musical knowledge and experiences. This means that composition can be a slow process but the hard work often returns some satisfying results.

Étude (2016) is a study for video which combines elements of video art, dancefilm, visual music and traditional musical performance. Originally composed as part of a research degree, Étude attempts to generate the impression of sound in the mind of the viewer although the video has no audio track – it is completely silent.