Over the last eight years, every month, artists from Rotherham and beyond have arrived at ROAR Artspace and given talks about their work, the work of others and generally inspired the artistic community with their words, images and sounds.

ROAR has organised two exhibitions Talkex 17 and Talkex19 where the these local, national and international artists are invited back to share their work alongside each other in exhibitions of wildly diverse individuals.

The whole aim of the ROAR Talks over the years was two fold, firstly to encourage local artists to talk about their work and to engage in a dialogue and secondly to bring as diverse a range of artists to Rotherham as possible to share their practice and inspire.  These exhibitions have brought together 39 of the 61 artists who have given talks over the years many of whom came just for the short talk but have stayed connected with Rotherham ever since.

The ROAR Talks happen every second Wednesday of the month at ROAR Artspace 7pm – 8pm

The talks are free and open to anyone.