Roth Trails

Roth Trails has been created by 5 Rotherham artists:

Jennifer Booth, Kevan Cadman, Tair Rafiq, Luke Walsh and Leigh de Vries

We encourage you to get out and about either by yourself, with your family, or in your bubble.

Jennifer Booth – Trail 4

Exercise, explore and create

There are 5 Trails to choose from:

A Green Man Journey – Starting at The Rotherham Minster

A Historical Wander – Starting at The War Memorial in Clifton Park

Share a Message – Starting anywhere

A Woodland Discovery – Starting at Canklow Woods, Boston Castle

A 50 Year Walk – Starting at Rotherham General Hospital

Luke Walsh – Trail 2

Please share any of your discoveries and explorations with other intrepid trail explorers by using #rothtrails on instagram.

Trail 1
On the Trail of the Green Man
Kevan Kadman
Starting point – Rotherham Minster
Trail 2
A Historical Wander
Luke Walsh
Starting point – The War Memorial, Clifton Park
Trail 3
Share a Message
Leigh de Vries
Starting point – Anywhere
Trail 4
A Woodland Discovery
Jennifer Booth
Starting point – Canklow Woods
Trail 5
A 50 Year Walk
Tair Rafiq
Starting point – Rotherham General Hospital