ROAR Talk #34 Experimental Sonic Machines


talk33Experimental Sonic Machines, or Peter Rollings as he is known on planet earth, delivered talk #33 at ROAR on Wednesday night.

Having attended many open mic nights across the years and after an appearance on this years’ Britain’s Got Talent, Experimental Sonic Machines has started to develop a reputation he describes as “refreshing and different”, a phrase that in many ways hits the nail on the head (or in fact hits the nail on the paint tin…)

Hailing from Lincoln, Experimental Sonic Machines described himself as a “one man band”. With a love of post-punk, in particular the strong bass lines of Joy Divisions’ Peter Hook, he grew up frustrated by the lack of technology that could enable him to create the music that circulated in his mind. He spent time collecting scrap parts many would disregard as junk and these items, ranging from nails and pipes, to old burglar alarms and market stall boxes, were over time cleverly crafted into musical instruments.

On discussing his creative process, our minds were opened to the inner workings of a true artist; someone who had that overwhelming need to make what was swirling round his head, into something tangible and real. Along with this was an ability to build mechanical objects which, especially to someone with my none-mechanical mind, was very impressive.

After discussing his artistic process and how the different machines worked, we were treated to the musical experience itself, and what an experience it was. I can safely say I have never heard or seen anything quite like Experimental Sonic Machines before, and I doubt I will again.


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