Art has always been in my life in some form, but it took a more prominent role later in life and I completed my degree in Illustration at Lincoln University in 2009.

I love the immediacy of printmaking, particularly mono printing; as the name suggests, it’s a one- shot deal. You have a complete disaster or a happy accident and then you have to figure out how to repeat it.

My prints are multi layered. I usually start with a mono print and then add lithograph layers, colouring as I go. I also relief print using lino, wood cuts and found items.

I am a keen gardener and nature is a big influence for both colour and form. Although, I have experimented with portraiture, I am regularly drawn in by plants and animals; they are a recurring theme in my work. I am just about to embark on a marbling course and eager to see what that brings to my work, whilst helping to keep an ancient art form alive.

I think art is for everyone and social media gives us an easy access, relaxed approach to art and creating. You can click here to be connected to my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram at thelittlewhitehen.