A combination of factors have brought me to this position in my life. A love of the natural world and the wonders that catch my eye, go hand in hand with my deep spirituality and the need to channel my creativity into something tangible. My mediums are given not taken. Wood that has fallen but never chopped. In turn I lathe, carve, whittle and burn a weird and fantastical world into creation. Then with a literary dash of word play I use my poetic licence to fetch forward the history of where each piece was borne.

My name is Nicholas Shepherd and I’ve spent the majority of my life going from place to place, job to job but with no real direction or meaning. I used to think 9 to 5 was the only life I should lead and let it dictate it so. I placed value on monetary earnings to build my every day getting by in life but totally ignored what really made me happy. Then things changed, work dried up, beloved people left this world and new ones entered mine. I stopped, I evaluated and I literally started to see the wood for the trees. I turned my hand to the things I truly love and make me happy. Now I am the creator of Deadwood Crafts, my own path, my own direction and far better for it.