I am an artist and critical thinker with a particular interest in art as a vehicle for researching and investigating landscapes. I completed my practice-led research PhD in Fine Art in 2015 Re-imagining Space in the 21st Century Using Visual Art Strategies. I use a multi-layered methodology for investigating space, drawing on Doreen Massey’s (2005) conception of space as a ‘multiplicity of trajectories’.

Walking is a primary research tools within my practice, using a digital stills or video camera I approach my walks like the surrealist’s deambulations, Rebecca Solnit’s (2006) “getting lost” or Tim Ingolds “entering the labyrinth” (Ingold 2013). Immersed in this creative dream-space I photograph the landscape looking for clues, investigating its hidden layers. I work with the materials I gather in libraries, archives and museums, evolving the ideas into public walks, performance to camera, animation, installation and photographic works, exploring various historical, psychological, environmental and topographical features and legacies within each site.

My practice has been greatly enriched by national and international research residencies, conferences and research trips that have allowed me to develop my creative enquiry in art as a vehicle for investigating landscapes.  Opportunities have included research trips in the United States of America, the Middle East and across the United Kingdom.

I currently live close to Orgreave and I am developing a new project in response to this fascinating landscape.