Having taught in primary schools for many years, I have recently taken early retirement to develop my career as a multi-disciplinary artist.

My musical career began at the gangly age of thirteen: wearing a tea-cosy hat and playing bass guitar in a Sheffield blues band – much to the consternation of my long-suffering parents, who were forking out for weekly classical guitar lessons at the time!

Whilst studying art at university, I continued writing, performing and recording (under the name of Short Supply) and was offered a publishing deal, leading to the pressing of a 7 inch single, which made it, just, into the dance charts!

Never being a person to settle on one creative discipline, over the years, alongside my teaching, I have produced work under various creative monikers including Grooveware and Short Supply.  As well as my musical output, I have always tried to develop my 2D and 3D art, ranging from jewellery and wood carving to photography and printing. I have also written and performed poetry and short stories.

During my time in education, I built up something of a reputation for cultivating creativity in the classroom, inspiring children particularly through the use of digital technologies, incorporating film and animation. These have always had a strong element of wordplay and rhythm within them.

I continue to perform regularly both with the ‘Rotherham Rogues’ and ‘Meadowland’, as well as collaborating and recording more experimental music under the name of ‘Short Supply’. I am also further developing my artistic output, working on 3D pieces using wood and cardboard.

For me, an idea in one discipline can more often than not, spark an idea in another discipline, which in turn, makes a connection to another.

You can read more about Kevan on his website here.