Ken Horne had hardly touched a brush or pencil since leaving secondary school. This was until 2000 when life changing events meant he needed some vent for his feelings; art helped him survive what were dark times. He studied for his A-Levels at 40, then went onto university and soon after gained employment at ROAR where he works as Buildings Manager.

Ken is most inspired by the world around him; his guts, his heart and other things going on inside him. Any number of mainly contemporary artists inspire his work. His work has been exhibited in several venues across the country and abroad, both solo and with collectives. Ken aspires to return to a more productive period which has somehow been lost.

Having lived in and around Rotherham all his life, Ken sometimes despairs at the lack of cultural activity and audience, almost a resistance, certainly an ambivalence in a great percentage of Rotherham folk. But he believes things are changing.

Ken also works as Buildings Manager at ROAR.