Karlito is an emerging artist based in Rotherham. He considers himself a creative, not wishing to limit his creativity to paint. As is the case with many creatives, Karlito suffers from mental illness. At present, he is symptom free, and has travelled a long way towards recovery. Being an “expert by lived experience” in his mental illness, Karlito is an advocate of progressive mental healthcare, and has created and exhibited paintings, and sculptures, with the express intention of reducing the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Prior to becoming a creative, Karlito spent nearly 20 years as a healthcare professional in the operating theatres of Britain and Australia. A committed socialist, he prefers art that “has something to say”. Banksy is his most respected artist, not just for his skill in producing artistic socio-political comments, but due to the risks he is willing to take in order to express his art. Karlito has termed his own socio-political artwork as “Polemic Analytical Expressionism.”

Karlito considers himself to be an active member of ROAR, and is grateful to the organisation for “assisting in giving my life direction.” He has exhibited at the Coterie Gallery, and the Old Market Gallery both based in Rotherham. He has also been commissioned to produce a large scale painting, which is on permanent display in the main foyer of the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham.



My Spiritual Journey