I was born in Wakefield in the 1950’s, the eldest of five children. From an early age I remember my mother’s interest in art and her love of painting, Fascinated by this I was inspired to sketch and paint the landscapes and people around me. l quickly developed a deep love for the colour and textures of oil paints, and was rarely seen without a sketch pad in my hand or my nose in an art book.

Today, I am still inspired by everyday experiences and the people around me. I hope that my paintings express my emotional and personal associations and attachments to these experiences, people and places.

Driven by the desire to constantly improve and challenge my skills I have experimented with painting on Yorkshire stone, reclaimed slate, board, canvas and linen. I do paint to commission and love the feeling of capturing the decorative needs or memories of my customers

My own artwork is dedicated to my greatest fans, David my husband, Maxine my daughter, my loving family and the memory of my sister Wendy.

Artist at home. From the washing machine to potatoes only though the efforts of expressing we realise who we are and who we are becoming…it never stops.