ILIVEINASQUARE lives and works in Rotherham, UK and have studied in various fields including Information Technology, Business and Music Performance and Production. Their ideas for work come from many sources including maths, architecture, nature, programming, data, randomness, noise and the mundane.

Their digital art is influenced by the simplicity of lines, shapes and bold uses of colour whereas their photography tries to capture everyday life and the deterioration of objects and places which occur naturally.

They see their works as experiments, finding the ordinary extraordinary.

ILIVEINASQUARE have exhibited photography and digital art nationally and has written and published various photobooks. They have performed both collective bands, as well as individually as a solo experimental noise artist and have released albums of their work in various formats.

ILIVEINASQUARE is inspired by the urban grittiness of Rotherham and its northern, working class heritage, especially in their photography which tries to capture real life.

The contrasting closeness of a rural, idyllic landscape is also inspirational. Their exposure to fellow artists in Rotherham since joining ROAR has been a real eye opener.