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The art of salvage and recreation drives my practice. With basic tools a needle and thread, I create hand stitched Textile Applied Art Works, Accessories and Installations. My intent is to preserve traditions that are often lost, misplaced and forgotten. Exploring marking time and thought with every mark and stitch. The rhythmic, healing and meditative qualities of hand stitching and embroidery and the visible mark of the maker’s hand is intensely personal. Recording action and environments; through repetition is a recurring theme in my Art Works. I am fascinated and somewhat obsessed with fabric and pattern…Repetition and Difference. The narrative and historical quality in a swatch of fabric, ornament, stain, rip, tear or a single button can tell a thousand stories over.

I use my mass collections of hoarded heirlooms, some my own, most – kindly donated, to create immersive Installations and Art Works that evoke memory and nostalgic feelings. Shifting the participant’s state when they enter my Installations drives me. Moving them also to create their own Art and tell their own stories through immersive creative workshops. The most recent Installation being The Button Tin Residency and Kiosk Installation: 2010 – 2017. A time based, living installation occupying a town centre space. Unexpected art, in an unexpected place… This multifunctional space was also used as a fully working artist studio to create my textile art pieces within. The Installation inspired, moved and engaged. In this space we honoured tradition and carried on to preserve rituals, skills, techniques, processes and practice. Inside the Installation we told stories of old and created new ones which all fed into the Art Works created inside. The Button Tin became a physical record of social history and family, something that we all have in common.

Since graduating I have invested all my time and energy into creating my work gaining both national and international recognition. I began generating work for display in themed textile Jewellery showcases and exhibitions providing me with extensive and diverse experience in producing work that is high quality.

I am also able to offer comprehensive experience as a Freelance Art Educator. I am available on a freelance basis for workshops, residencies, talks, editorial and demonstrations. I am able to work across the whole educational spectrum in schools, colleges and community centres with people of all ages and abilities. It varies from one project to the next. The Button Tin project provides high quality community art engagement through textile art activities, educational research, installations, commissions and collaborations. Delivering inspiring, empowering activities driven by promoting, exploring and improving Wellbeing. The Button Tin project works in partnership with other Community Initiatives, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Galleries and Charities. Spanning over a hugely diverse background of Cultures, Ages, Abilities, Faiths, LGBT, BME groups, and Additional Needs Support, Learning Disabilities and Intergenerational projects.