Brian is largely influenced by China. Chinese styles of painting and paper-cuts, as well as traditional ink and pencil sketches and some Western watercolour.

Most recently Brian and a top Chinese artist, who he brought to Rotherham in 2008, have re-created a lost painting dated about 1580, on a Taoist mythical/mystical theme. 

Brian on the work: “I was in a temple area in North Eastern China, when I saw a carved stone being unearthed. It had obviously been buried for hundreds of years for it’s safety. With a modicum of bribery and a small back-hander, I was allowed time to do a stone rubbing, rather like a brass rubbing. A year later, I painted the outline in the traditional way, and the artist did the colouring. It is a beautiful and colourful painting depicting the Eight Immortals, and has not even been seen in China. The originals of such paintings were destroyed by the carving process.”

Brian also teaches wooden toy-making and has a prototype model of a Norwegian snow-house- about 12 inches square- which has been purposefully left at skeleton stage, so it’s construction can be seen.

He also takes an interest in writing and has recently composed an article due to be published in a national magazine. He has also just completed printing and binding a book describing his second Chinese artist’s visit to Rotherham.