Amy has played percussion since the age of 11, starting at secondary school with an African Drumming group lead by Sheffield based Steve Rivers from Unbeatable Energy. Always a participant and later an assistant in African Drumming workshops across South Yorkshire, she finally began to lead her first group of drummers whilst studying Music & Drama at the University of Sunderland. She lead the group here until her graduation in 2011 and has never stopped drumming since. Moving back to Rotherham in 2013, Amy founded the Rotherham African Drummers who now perform and workshop across the country.

Influenced by the sounds of Africa’s west coast, such as Ghanaian and Mali style Djembe rhythms, one of Amy’s greatest achievements so far is becoming a group leader. Being able to develop the team into skilled percussionists as well as being leaders in their own right and seeing members grow is particularly rewarding to her.

Born in Rotherham, she found that a lot of people criticised the town claiming there was nothing to do, despite the fact they hadn’t made a real effort to look for anything to do either. Amy loves Rotherham; the country side walks, good shopping experiences and the incredible community spirit between those people that want to do good things in and for, the town.

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