ROAR designed and delivered a series of creative meals for artists on behalf of Wentworth and Elsecar GreatPlace project at Elsecar, Old Market Gallery and The Trades.

14 artists attended the event 7 from Rotherham and 7 from Barnsley. The artists consited of arange of artforms and a gender split. 

The aim of the meals was to bring the artists together, to get to know each other and to start conversations about creativity, artistry and possibilities within the region.

“The group then transfered to the large room in the Ironworks where a large map of the local area had been chalked and various forms of transport were available from rollerskates to scooters.   Dips and things to dip were available but you had to travel to dip them. All the artists engaged fully with this area and started to transform the drawings on the floor with ideas,abstracts,patterns and physical interactions.”

Their was an extrodinary engagement in the activity by all the artists, everyone threw themselves into the experience and were willing to find whatever emerged. This activity really brought the group together in fun and enquiry.

“The group then moved onto the main meal which was at a long table situated behind a fabric curtain that was being projected onto, the projection was of a car journey between Elsecar and Wentworth. The projection continuously suggested movement and travel which may or may not have had an influence on the conversations.”

From that point on the artists were engaged in many conversations, introductions, discoveries and wonderings.