Dangerous Art School Exhibition

Dangerous Art School


Dangerous Art School ran weekly throughout the summer this year. The aim of the project was to enable

Rotherham’s young people to experience art in a completely different way than in a formal classroom setting.

Students were encouraged to question, challenge and create. To question themselves and what art means to

them, to challenge any pre-conceived notions of what constituted art or what they ‘should’ be doing and to

create something personal and meaningful, without fear of judgement.


Dangerous Art School set out to be a school like no other, where students had the freedom to create art

without limits. Working collaboratively with innovative practising artists, participants explored their identity

and relationship to both their own image and the image of Rotherham.

This exhibition features work created by Dangerous Art Students….

Kathlyne License Jessica Rowley

Imogen Jeffs Emily Stevenson

Paige Hopkinson Megan Allen

Ashleigh Lofthouse Sam Pyne-Gould



The Dangerous Art School Programme

Session 1: Exploring Identity. Using photographs, drawing and mixed media collage.

Session 2: What does my body say about me? Working with the artist Leigh De Vries to explore the often fractured

relationship between the body and the brain. Creating masks and costumes.

Session 3: Rotherham and me. Exploring and depicting a personal journey around Rotherham using sculptural materials in

Cifton Park.

Session 4 and 6: Graffiti. Working with artist David Cross, students were encouraged to develop a piece that illustrated

something significant to them.

Session 5: Rubbish Puppets. Working with artist Patrick Amber, students upcycled creatures that represented an aspect of

their personality.

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