We have summarised ROAR’s offer as an Artsmark Partner as follows:

1: Critical Friend. ROAR can support your establishments as an independent advisor and support all areas, from your leadership team, to frontline delivery, offering a bespoke co-created service.

2: Sector Connectivity. We can help you navigate the sector and understand what you are looking for in both the skills of the creative professional, and the desired outcomes.

3: Added Value. Schools and educational facilities can also be cultural spaces. We can help you identify and expand your relationship within the wider community through a place-making strategy.

4: Arts Award Supporters. We can support Arts Awards up to grade Silver.

5: Membership reach. Through our in house team and expanded networks we can supply practitioners to support your curriculum based learning both on and off site, providing sector knowledge and careers advice, after school provision, environmental improvements and real life project work.