ArtSheffield 2016

Nothing can surpass the mystery of Rotherham







200 ‘exhibition in a bag’  were created and distributed over the launch weekend of ArtSheffield 2016.

Members decided that they would like to contribute to the parallel programme of ArtSheffield by developing an ‘ exhibition in a bag’.  It was quite an undertaking to create and contribute artworks for all two hundred bags but our members surpassed themselves this time and the contents were really something special.







The bags were a great success and were flying off the racks in both the Winter Gardens and The Site Gallery which are hubs for this years festival.  It was great to see crowds of people wandering around Sheffield with the bags over their shoulders.

ROAR would like to send a huge thanks to all the contributing artists:

Rotherham Society of Artists, Anna Kozak, Jennifer Booth, Tim Carpender, Dom Estos,  Simon Wells, Mark Fell, Chris Slater, Tuesday Life drawing Class, Lombi, Ken Horne, Sharon Gill and Rachel Lewis.bag1

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