ROAR has been supporting emerging and professional artists living or working in Rotherham since 2005, and is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by the Arts Council.

We are a membership organisation and operate a premises on Westgate in Rotherham town centre which provides 8 individual artist studios and forms the central hub of the organisation.

ROAR is run by a group of passionate people who believe that art is transformative and integral to the human experience.

We believe that we can help the regeneration of Rotherham by supporting the local creative sector in its professional development and rising ambitions, whilst embedding the arts in the social & economic environment.

ROAR is a small organisation with four members of staff and one freelancer. We also have a number of voluntary Directors.


Sharon Gill- CEO

Matt Butt- Creative Development

Ken Horne- Buildings Manager

Amy Forde- Marketing and Communications Assistant

Steve Rogers- Founder and Chair of ROAR, co-founder of Open Minds

Mark Fell- Artist and Curator

Nick Bax- Designer, Artist, Lecturer and founder of Humanstudio and HumanVR

Naveen Judah- Treasurer of the Board. Believes in Art being a powerful tool in making a more cohesive society.

Andrew Ball- Director and Board Member

Alka Walton- Corporate Marketing and Communications: Assistant Chief Executive’s department at Rotherham Council